Friday, 30 January 2015


(for Professor Yusuf M. Adamu)

In life we have our dreams
And we pursue to fulfil them
No matter what it takes
We don’t rest until
The dreams come true

Sometimes the road maybe full of thorns and dark
But when the desire of the heart was listened to
The thorns and darkness won’t matter
The light of determination will pave the way 
And prayers will carry you through

What then in the end?
Now you are on top of the world
The young [1]Alhajin Koko is
A Don of Medical Geography
A champion of literature
And the lover of Egyptology

You shoot two birds with one stone
Your name echoes in the philosophical planets
And galaxies of African literature
You laid the foundation for us to build
[2]ANA Kano is now a centre of learning
Incubator of new writers and
A palace of entertainment and enlightenment

The sky is now yours to enjoy
You can join the race in the Milky Way
If you wish go to bed
As we celebrate with you today
The stars in the world will twinkle
And celebrate your fame

22nd September, 2012

[1] Alhajin Koko,       Nickname
[2] ANA,                    Association of Nigerian Authors                                           

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