Tuesday, 23 October 2012

We Love Him

We Love Him

No matter what they say
No matter what they do
It cannot outshine his stars
We love him more than we love ourselves
Even unbelievers love him for his character 
They love him for his trust
They named him Al-Amin
We give praises to him
Every second of our lives
His love is part of our blood
Let them know that we love him

Great scholars and powerful leaders of the world
Attest to the quality of his leadership
To them Islam’s position and power
Came through his simplicity
Modesty and love for his people

Our heart shed tears
From the venom of your inhuman acts
And senseless voices
In the name of freedom of expression
Let them know that he is untouchable
Tell them that we are so fanatical
When it comes to him, the praiseworthy

I wonder
I always wonder their joy behind
This insult
Can it be for economic reasons?
Or it was for political reasons?
  He lived with them in peace
He didn’t abuse their religion
We didn’t stop them from practising it
He shared their happiness and pain
Is this movement an act of terrorism?

We know your position about us
We know your feelings about us
Just because of him, Muhammad
Muhammad will remain ahead of you
The world will continue to love him
His deeds will continue to spread
Like a bushfire in the jungle
Of nonbelievers
And we will, Insha Allah
Die with his name on our lips
Muhammad Rasulillah (SAW)
25th September, 2012

In a Global Age

A period of saturation
That claimed to be balanced
In humanity and regulations
To separate the grain from the particles
And understand the brutality of selfishness

A period of knowing the essence of living
Even our animals learn to live in peace
Wars and fights to be an old passion of struggle
When pens and negotiations take the floor
Education for all seen as a symbol of life
Sane and civilisation shielded humanity
People interact as a family of humanity
Contentment with the little they have

Alas, in the global age
Neighbour fights neighbour
Education is denied for the neighbour’s children
Wealth and poverty dance in the same home
Love and peace were chased by the global cane
The heart of humanity was corrupted

In the global age
A mother poisons her child
In the dirty game of power
A power that gives pride and affluence
Even the regulators of humanity
Pretend and close their eyes
And place their hands in global desires
Never mind the consequences

The river of false information
Runs in the streams of our media
Confusion upon confusions
The stars of trust are dim
And life has become an illusion
No one to trust

In a global age
Life should be good
Leaders must be just and truthful
Masses to be loyal and obedient
We should understand the essence of living
Humanity is about reason not madness
Global age is about peace and development
Globalisation shouldn’t be for marginalisation
It shouldn’t be for war and deception
It should be for peace, love and dialogue
It should be the new trade by barter
27th January, 2012

Do Your Best

(for ANA Kano members)

I know that life is history
Man will not escape his fate
Those who came before us
Were in the shoes of life
With history written in gold
The people who fought
Not because of hate
And guard not because of love
But for our dear country
The country I am proud of
The jewel of the savannah
Nigeria of Africa
When it is good for many
No power to make me bend
No love to make me blind
I balance all, to do the best
As my heroes were challenged
I knew that I will not be spared
Being a soldier, a scholar or a poet
History will repeat itself
So do your best!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Hawan Sallah

A day of traditional decoration
Studded in turbans and Alkyabbas
Horses of different colours
Hakimai ride in diffrent styles amidst adoration
As a rainbow in the sky
It is your day Yanlifida
You should sing and shout
The ancestral praises
The sky and the earth vibrates
As Maitafari and his clique approach
Their guns echo with dust
Maza sun danno
The Emir and his horse
Shielded and covered from the Sun
With a big umbrella
His dogarai chat and greet
Gyara gaba, gyara baya
Sarki ya gaishe ku
It is Sallah day
The Durbar of Hausaland

25th October, 2009