Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Who knows what power is it
The power that forced me to
Reveal this unspoken secret
Concealed deeply inside me
For days and nights uncounted?

I gift you this passionate lyrics
A love-tale wrought in a poet's mind
I am not lying, and never will
She was my life, my dream, my hope
A fragrance of love and its petals
She was an endless desire

It is not late to read to you
The book of my endless dreams
I will continue to sing my song
To allow more crossing of swords
For an invaluable prize to be won
Our candles can burn at both ends
Even if they cannot last the night

When swords are crossed by all concerned
A giant lion will emerge with a roar
So let the swords cross undisturbed
It is not late for me or her
We are not late, or are we?

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