Wednesday, 19 September 2012


We feel it is nothing
When the country’s image
Slides in the steep slope
Of Kilimanjaro mountain

We feel it is nothing
Even when the country cries
From the pain of corruption
Which was injected into
Its blood vessels

Now the pathway is too rough
And leads to black tunnels
Of ambitious crimes
That have stained our good values and character
Creating confusion worse than death

We feel we are something
While leadership is not accountable
Bribery and corruption are
The mighty model of the elite

We know we are nothing
With our rigged elections
Manipulated by Godfathers
To create false leadership

We know we are nothing
With the virus in our civil service
That misallocates societal resources
To individual possession

We know we are nothing
When education is misshapen
Students are after certificates
By hook or by crook

We know we are nothing
When our youths aspire the elements
Of selfishness, looting and corruption
While patriotism fades away

We know we are nothing
When poverty control mines
For fear of its traps
That malnourish the living soul

Nigeria is crying in the black tunnels
It cries for light
That gives hope for freedom
What is it that lasts?

© Zaharaddeen Ibrahim Kallah


Time is like a flame
That burns the candle of life
Melting fast away with pride
Seconds tick, tick, tick and pass
The sun rises and sets
Time at its best

The candle of life becomes shorter
I believe it burns time out
No more extra time
What should I do
Can I stop it ?

If I can't stop my candle
From melting and watering away
I must then face the reality
My candle is precious
Let me make use of it effectively
Before it burns away
I know it is irreversible .

Copyright © 2004 Zaharaddeen Ibrahim Kallah

The Globalised World

(after Yusuf M. Adamu’s 'Global Village')

In the globalised world
All become one
By dismissing physical distance
For globalisation to be useful
Confrontations and conflicts are not ours
Terrorism of all forms is not ours too
The world is a single globe
And we all roll on it

Globalisation should make
The village safer for all
With mutual understanding and respect
This globalised village
Should be for helping the needy

In the globalised world
World identities, cultures and faiths
Should be safeguarded
What matters in the relationship is
Your contribution and representation
In the global market
Though the competition is unfair

The natural complexity of humankind
Should be taken to the global table
The round table of negotiation and mediation
That is the essence of global knowledge
That is the essence of global understanding
That is the essence of global humanity

©Zaharaddeen Ibrahim Kallah
12th September, 2012