Monday, 19 January 2015

Wake Up

(for [1]Sardauna)

It is time to wake up [2]Arewa
Your olden days were bright
Your name sailed in the oceans
Your spirit was seen, even
Lugard witnessed your potential
And settled there

Wake up and regain the courage
You have what nobody has
You have what everybody wants
In the olden days
You served the nation with trust

The spirit they raised for you
Was slain and eroded
Today they kept calling
Sardauna! Sardauna!! Sardauna!!!
But his actions are not practiced

When the sun likes you
And its planets adorn your sky
Let everyone hate you
The earth is yours
As the dew falls
It adorns the grass

It is time to wake up Arewa
It is time to regain your courage
The world has taken a new style
You have seen yesterday
Today shouldn’t be a problem
You then decide for tomorrow now
It is not yet late
You have all the resources

25th March, 2012

[1] Sardauna,              Ahmadu Bello
[2] Arewa,                 The North

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