Thursday, 13 February 2014

My Hero

(In memory of Gen. Murtala R. Muhammad)

It’s February again
The month of assassination
The month of special prayers
After thirty six years of your departure
To the domain of rest and peace

You may have heard from good Nigerians
That joined your company
The foundation you laid
Was blown-up by the people you left
And the people you know well

My hero, the country you know
The country you sacrificed your life for
Is now a death zone
From corruption and poverty
Illiteracy and joblessness
Robbery and explosions
Crimes of all sorts

My hero
The flag: green-white-green you fixed
In the centre you love
Is now the incubator of
Saboteurs of humanity
Hatching eggs of puppet leaders
Who rigged elections

My leader
The Africa you know
Which has come of age
Has lost its focus
In the new style of globalisation
It imitated directly
And lost the virginity of its creativity
Now it has neither the bird nor the trap
Even African’s giant, Nigeria
Has no priority agenda
Oh God! Help Africa and Nigeria

29th February, 2012

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