Tuesday, 23 October 2012

We Love Him

We Love Him

No matter what they say
No matter what they do
It cannot outshine his stars
We love him more than we love ourselves
Even unbelievers love him for his character 
They love him for his trust
They named him Al-Amin
We give praises to him
Every second of our lives
His love is part of our blood
Let them know that we love him

Great scholars and powerful leaders of the world
Attest to the quality of his leadership
To them Islam’s position and power
Came through his simplicity
Modesty and love for his people

Our heart shed tears
From the venom of your inhuman acts
And senseless voices
In the name of freedom of expression
Let them know that he is untouchable
Tell them that we are so fanatical
When it comes to him, the praiseworthy

I wonder
I always wonder their joy behind
This insult
Can it be for economic reasons?
Or it was for political reasons?
  He lived with them in peace
He didn’t abuse their religion
We didn’t stop them from practising it
He shared their happiness and pain
Is this movement an act of terrorism?

We know your position about us
We know your feelings about us
Just because of him, Muhammad
Muhammad will remain ahead of you
The world will continue to love him
His deeds will continue to spread
Like a bushfire in the jungle
Of nonbelievers
And we will, Insha Allah
Die with his name on our lips
Muhammad Rasulillah (SAW)
25th September, 2012

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