Monday, 22 October 2012

Hawan Sallah

A day of traditional decoration
Studded in turbans and Alkyabbas
Horses of different colours
Hakimai ride in diffrent styles amidst adoration
As a rainbow in the sky
It is your day Yanlifida
You should sing and shout
The ancestral praises
The sky and the earth vibrates
As Maitafari and his clique approach
Their guns echo with dust
Maza sun danno
The Emir and his horse
Shielded and covered from the Sun
With a big umbrella
His dogarai chat and greet
Gyara gaba, gyara baya
Sarki ya gaishe ku
It is Sallah day
The Durbar of Hausaland

25th October, 2009

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