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The Creative Writers’ Forum for the month of November was held at the American Corner, Murtala Muhammad Library, Kano on 30th November, 2013. The event had in attendance the former branch Secretary of the Association, Abdulkadir Badsha Mukhtar, the current branch Secretary, Zaharaddeen Ibrahim Kallah, ANA Kano Ex-officio; Almustapha Musa Ilyas, A.T Tahir, and Bakano A. Murtala.
After opening prayers by Ibrahim Abdullahi, the Chairman of the occasion, Bello Sagir Imam introduced the entries for the first session. The session started with a presentation entitled, “Queen I” by Bello Sagir Imam. It was a poem written for his fiancée and his feelings toward her. The writer believed that he eats in order to work and also work to earn for his queen. One of the stanzas of his poem read as:
I’m Majnun
That of Layla
I can’t survive you
Like Romeo, Juliet
No! I’m not
Titanic’s Jack
But Jamilu
You, Jamila

The next presentation was a poem entitled, “The Born-Teacher…” presented by Bakano A. Murtala. The writer appreciated the gift of being a teacher which eludes many people. The poem will definitely motivate other teachers to be proud of the profession. Some lines of his poem read as:
I teach
Coz teaching follows me
I teach,
Coz I’m made and meant to
I teach,
Coz I owe a debt to humanity
I teach,
Coz I’m a Humanist

The last poem in the first session was also a poem entitled, “Freedom” by Muttaka Idris Abasha. As the title indicated, the theme is freedom and its value to humankind. Abasha expressed his opinion on freedom and its restrictions in a nation like Nigeria. The second stanza of his poem read as:

Hefty muddy looters
Haughty naughty pushers
Heavy brainless cavities
Halted freedom to reign.

The second session began with a short story entitled, “The 24hour President…part iv” by Bakano Murtala. The writer presented his story in an adopted style of James Hardly chases, with reference to Nigeria. Similar to chase collection, the short story was also a crime genre that portrayed the bomb blast that took place in Nigeria during Independence Day celebration. In Bakano’s story, the scenario happened when the President was making his speech. Some lines of the speech delivered by the President before bullets were fired toward his direction read as:

“The making of Bakano remains indebted to you! But you must toil to its success! I therefore ask for your cooperation to support your new President only if I am right. Impeach and imprison me if you think it right!”

Salim Ibrahim Kallah presented a poem, “You are not what you think you are”. Like Bello Sagir, the poem was written for his fiancée to be. It was another good poem, but members of the forum suggested that the title should be reviewed, looking at the content of the poem. The last stanza of his poem read as:

Do you still want to know who you are?
You are the full meaning of beauty
You are the meaning of love
That is actually who you are.

The next presentation was a poem entitled, “Take to your heels” by Yaseer Kallah. The first two stanzas of this poem read as:
Take to your heels
Oh, you little fowl
I have seen a hawk
Above your head

Take to your heels
Oh, you strutting fowl
Before your scintillating feathers
Drench with blood

Nazeer I. Kallah made the last presentation in the second session with a poem entitled, “The Wailing Mother”. A very interesting poem that portrayed Nigeria as a mother with her children. In one of his stanzas, the writer condemned the present children of Nigeria who are not after their mother. He said:
Now, I know my real children have gone
Living me with cantankerous ones
Ungrateful they are to me myself
For the wealth I have all goes in vain

The third session began with a short story entitled, “Let Her Know” from Nazeer I. Kallah. Like other presentations from young people, the story is about a young man who was in love with a girl, but lacked confidence to meet her and express his feelings. But when his sister realized the problem, she encouraged him to do so.

The second presentation was a poem, “Paying the Price for Betrayal” by Almustapha Musa Ilyas. The poem generated argument on whether a writer is dead or alive after publishing his work. The second to the last stanza of this poem read as:

Slowly, you taste the bitter truth
Slowly, you see the ugly face of lies
Slowly the wind will unmask the cloak-and-dagger
Keenly I watch with indifference

The same write presented a short poem entitled “Untitled” which read as:
I feel what you feel
One in one

The last presentation for the day was also a poem entitled, “The Classic Dance of Love” by Yaseer Kallah. The first two stanzas of the poems were read as:

Oh, sweet drum!
Give us a sound
Give us a tone
Of love and delight
The shackles of love
Are so much strong

Dadap dadap dapad
Lala lala lala
Tadap tadap tadap
Lala lala lala
The music of love
Always gives delight.

The forum was rounded up with vote of thanks from the branch Secretary, Zaharaddeen Ibrahim Kallah. He commended the teachers who brought their students to the event, according to him this would serve as eyes opener to them to learn about creative writing which in return would promote their studies. The session was ended with closing prayers offered by Abdulkadir Badsha Mukhtar.
Zaharaddeen Ibrahim Kallah

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