Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Kano [1]ta Dabo tumbin giwa
Heart of politics
Pyramids of markets
To buy and sell freely
When you are peaceful
Kano lives with you in peace

Kano, a beautiful land
A land for all
Its [2]Dala and [3]Gwauron Dutse
Beautiful damsels, [4]Ulamas, [5]Attajirai
Farmers and [6]Almajirai

It is Kano, the mix
Of tradition and modernity
The abode of all you can think of

[1] Ta Dabo tumbin giwa,          Of Dabo, the belly of the elephant

[2] Dala,                                     A historical hill in Kano city

[3] Gwaron Dutse,                     A historical hill in Kano city

[4] Ulamas,                                 Islamic Scholars

[5] Attajirai,                                Wealthy people/Merchants

[6] Almajirai,                              Knowledge seekers

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