Monday, 20 May 2013

Can it be Curued?

It hurts like a blood disease 
That destroys blood cells of transparency
And enzymes of credibility and reputation
It restricts the flow of due process
Veins are blocked with weak legislation
And the drugs of court remain resistant
Then the virus of corruption is injected

When the blood is contaminated
And all signs appear
Can it be curable?

The virus can be treated and controllable
When we work hard with commitment and honesty
Complaints and yearnings of citizen are considered
And people develop anti-corruption virus
By guarding against misuse
The laboratories of judges x-rays, scans and diagnoses
To pass proper judgement

The virus can be curable
When the pharmacy of journalists
Have access to judge’s prescriptions
When the law enforcement closes its eyes
And mends those that deserve surgery
And those to visit the mortuary
Only then the virus can be treated
And become a controllable disease

25th September, 2012. 10:03am

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