Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Globalised World

(after Yusuf M. Adamu’s 'Global Village')

In the globalised world
All become one
By dismissing physical distance
For globalisation to be useful
Confrontations and conflicts are not ours
Terrorism of all forms is not ours too
The world is a single globe
And we all roll on it

Globalisation should make
The village safer for all
With mutual understanding and respect
This globalised village
Should be for helping the needy

In the globalised world
World identities, cultures and faiths
Should be safeguarded
What matters in the relationship is
Your contribution and representation
In the global market
Though the competition is unfair

The natural complexity of humankind
Should be taken to the global table
The round table of negotiation and mediation
That is the essence of global knowledge
That is the essence of global understanding
That is the essence of global humanity

©Zaharaddeen Ibrahim Kallah
12th September, 2012

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